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As Church is, so goes Politics.

I am like one who awoke from a four decade coma to realize that the world is not as I dreamt.

Absolute ignorance rules the day in American church. To avoid taking action, meting out justice, resisting evil, or studying history, law, politics, and founding documents we have appointed representatives and interpreters who happily stand in for us, they tell us the bare minimum of what they think we need to know. So it is in politics.

Nullification of JUDGMENT within the churches is gushing over into politics like raw sewage.

The people groan under the oppression of perverted political parties, because political ideology affects their liberties.  Fortunately Church generally does not affect our liberties as much as it affects our wallets.

Anger because of croneyism, greed, insider trading, immorality, and arrogance within the political elites has no impact on them, or us.
As the church goes, so goes politics.

Decades of “don’t judge” doctrine has grown sin like a cancer in church and our political bodies.

Decades and frequency of pastoral affairs, theft, lies, laziness, and money grubbing has soothed those atrocious into normalcy, in church then in politics.

Decades of self-promotion, braggart, pride, ego boosting leaders, and butt kissing subordinates have turned church into a mega industry, now politics is little more than an ‘elites only’ financial club.

Our focus on “the pastor” was a glittery cat toy distraction from Christ (not that Christians noticed), it extinguished individual contribution, value, resolve, and voice. Politicians pander to the majority leader, the speaker, the guy at the “helm”, every dissenting opinion is sacrificed at the alter of peer opinion.

Both industries only allow one preeminent leader, everyone else must obey, follow, support, and agree, or they can just get out.
To legitimize that individual’s authority there is a board or a committee that has decided to ‘go along to get along’, of course they are rewarded with their own measure of power, recognition, and authority in exchange.

We’ve gone beyond a swamp, American culture has gone gangrene septic. ¬†If there is a remedy it must be amputation.

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