How it works

How it works:

RELIGIOUS beliefs form laws, laws form culture:

-group A believes in book A, the God revealed in it, the rules of moral conduct in it. Group A forms a judicial system and government that transport these ideas by various means (education, written law, police). The moral law ideas are transported, not the religious habits, because book A and God A only permit free will conversions.

Forced religious conversion is a violation of book A, so the society determines that neither government nor worship groups can compel. Worship groups that compel by fear, force, death, shunning are considered cults.

Time passes, group A decides that their culture needs to change, that their fathers were more evil than humans today, that all gods, books, ideas, and morality are equivalent. Because book A is discarded, group A begins to accept abhorrent practices as “normal”.

Group B lands on the real estate that group A inhabits. Group B has a god, has book B, has a judicial system and government that transports these ideas by various means. (ie.madrasa, fatwa, Sharia police). Book B says moral ideas are mandatory, religious habits are compulsory, and that laws will compel religious conversion, adherence, conduct, and thought.
Book B says that no other god or religion will be permitted, neither will atheism. Book B teaches the follower to dominate all people by rape, battle, chaos, intimidation, lawsuit, murder, and polygamy.

Group A has already rejected it’s book, it’s God, and it’s culture in so doing so they respond with equivalency and apathy.

Group B says forced marriege to children is mandatory and cultural. Group A responds with….diversity
Group B says adultery requires stoning. Group A says….globalism
Group B says that homosexual sex with boys is culturally normal but if you become gay you get thrown off a roof. Group A responds with….Gay parade support of group B.
Group B cuts the clitoris from females. Group A says…Ignore the truth

If you can’t decide what is right or wrong, if you don’t know why historical American beliefs must be reclaimed, if you fail to see the superiority of a free- will culture that limits abhorrent practicesIMG_20170731_203342 but doesn’t force conversion….WE ARE ALREADY DONE.

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