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Judas, betrayal gets people killed.

The one certain thing you can expect in life is that people you desperately love will eagerly betray you if the opportunity is made available to them.  Mat 24:10

Humans are hopelessly flawed, perhaps addicted to self destructive behaviors teaming with desire to ruin every good.  While it is impossible to measure up to the standards that we impose upon others,  we don’t miss organizing people into those categories that demand their perfection or failure.

Holding up excellent standards makes one a “super target”,  inevitably you will disappoint and the jeering crowds will dance together in delight.  Even if you were perfection like Jesus Christ they would be gunning for your destruction until they had you nailed to a cross.  Mar 11:18

Standards don’t change, God’s perfect Law endures forever, which is exactly why humans need a Savior.  10 seconds after God gave the first rule man was wiping fruit juice off his lips and claiming he was innocent of wrongdoing.  How much more guilty are those who are literally born into sin?  Gen 3:6

Throughout history we discover the ongoing compromise of circumstances that led to error (sin).  Human crisis increases the risk of failure, desperation forms victims rapidly, and accusers leap from the sidelines to condemn the guilty.  The screenplay would include a Deceiver, a desire, and the STANDARD.  Human drama awaits.

Your betrayer wins if he can manipulate your loved ones and if you failed to hire a reality TV crew to keep track of your life.  As with Satan, the more skilled the accuser the better chance of his malicious success, already present in the first act is the debased nature of mankind who longs to see another person fail.  Mar 11:18

We loosers can’t walk back some sins,  one cannot”make it up” to others nor pay back what is owed. We are literally stuck with the consequences of our fallen choices.  We can’t offer each other a new standard of right and wrong but we could show one another mercy and forgiveness.  But that doesn’t fit the divisive agenda of the Accuser. Jas 3:14-18

By the time accusations are being brought against the looser we already have a mob screaming “crucify Him”.  How fair is the trial that has a predetermined outcome; he who rallied the darkest natures of gossip, slander, and division leads mob opinion against the looser. You now see why Christ didn’t answer His accusers.  If the looser opened his mouth against a predetermined verdict would the outcome be any different? Mar 15:3

The great betrayal is upon us so what are we to do except become offended and betray one another.  Mat 24:10

You’ll get your chance at bloodshed.

Mat 13:57