Twin Falls refugee program


Dear Neighbor,
I ask that you consider signing a petition to get the CSI refugee program on the ballot in November. Despite the fact that we all love people (natural born and foreign) there comes a time to reassess programs.

Most casual observers can come to the conclusion that the federal refugee program has been hijacked by the UN, which is largely operated by OIC (the Organization of Islamic Cooperation). You’ve probably heard about the HIJRAH (what Muslims do in order to spread Islamic government and control) we have every reason to believe that our American Refugee Program has become an arm of Islamic Hijrah.
You may be aware that Twin Falls and the State of Idaho used OUR TAX DOLLARS to lure Chobani plant into our valley. Hamdi (chobani founder) said, “It was a hard decision to make, but in the end, we chose Twin Falls due to its abundant milk supply, skilled labor force and tight-knit local community”.
In reality, our labor force needed to be “trained”. CSI happily helped use 3.3 million in grants awarded to Chobani to “train” those employees.
“and the company is eligible for reimbursements of up to $3.3 million from the Idaho Department of Labor. The Department estimates Chobani will train 583 people, costing on average $5,700 per person.”
Back in Nov. 2011, Chobani said it planned to use about $25 million in business grants, federal grants, and state and local tax dollars to open its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. That number has grown to more than $54 million, including worker training reimbursements and waived fees.

Federal, State, Local Spending for Chobani
November 2011 December 2012
Business Plus Grant $150,000 $150,000
URA-TIF $17,148,747 $36,260,927
State $1,050,000 $945,548
Worker Training (State) $0 $3,300,000
City $6,750,000 $14,290,899
Total $25,098,747 $54,947,974…/chobani-opens-twin-falls-yog…/
After receiving multi millions AND THOSE NEWLY TRAINED EMPLOYEES, are you aware that Chobani had sizable layoffs of local people in 2014. According to Chobani, the workers that were originally trained and hired were TEMPORARY. Hamdi now employs undisclosed numbers of refugees. Refugees receive subsidized wages, which is to say, TAX DOLLARS pay the wage. The subsidy runs out in about 6 months and after that the business picks up the wage tab. Coincidently, Chobani has a very high turn over among employees.
“June 2014: Layoffs at a government-subsidized yogurt plant may not be good news for a state program that gives out taxpayer cash to keep workers on the job.
” About three-fourths of the Chobani layoffs will affect temporary workers while the rest will affect permanent hires.”
A spokesman for company said that the Chobani layoffs are not indicative of Chobani’s health as temporary employees were only meant to be with the company for temporary work.
Chobani planned on hiring 400 employees back in 2012”…/new-york-yogurt-make…/taxpayer
If that were not convoluted enough,
“On Dec. 9, 2014 members of the Islamic Center of Twin Falls applied for a special use permit to expand and erect a new building on their site at 455 Addison Ave. The permit was approved the same day”.
It takes local home builders 2 weeks to draw a permit to build a home in a Twin Falls subdivision. One should note that at least 3 local Christian Churches had to wait 4-6 months before they received permits to use or add on to existing buildings.
Still more insanity,
The City of Twin Falls spent $6,523,445 to upgrade its wastewater treatment facility for Chobani. It also waived approximately $8 million in sewer, building and impact fees.
What would motivate a city to WAVE 8 MILLION? What a STUPID business decision. Meetings were closed door which makes things even more suspicious. 8 million could have fixed a lot of sidewalks in Twin Falls.
Why am I asking you to sign a petition to get the CSI refugee program on the November ballot?
While we are unable to access all the necessary documents that detail the costs of refugee resettlement in Twin Falls (housing, medical treatments, special schooling, clothing, housing, cash assistance, matching grants, etc…) on Idaho tax payers, here is what we do have:
Total 6 Month Cost to Resettle 300 refugees at CSI
(Rick Martin of Buhl, Idaho is responsible for the content of this information)
Our own Governor Otter has called for a HALT on the refugee program.…/pre…/pr2015/2%20Feb/pr_69.htmlprogram.
Idaho Senators Mike Crapo and Jim Risch, and Idaho Representatives Mike Simpson and Raul Labrador, called for suspending bringing Syrian refugees to Idaho through the U.S. Refugee Resettlement Program until better assurances of security can be obtained.…/nov/16/delegation-put-refugees-…/
It does not appear that Chobani CEO has any intention of honoring Idaho’s elected officials. Recently Hamdi has given interviews stating his commitment to the refugee program and his intention to bring still more refugees to be employed at his yogurt plant. Unless a person is FINANCIALLY BENIFITING FROM CHOBANI I cannot imagine why this wouldn’t raise eyebrows.…/yogurt-billionaire-hire-more-muslim-r…/

If Hamdi (Chobani CEO) holds more SWAY in Idaho than our elected officials I guess we can say that Hamdi is running Idaho now. I find his boldness to be arrogant unless, of course, he is right and does control our state REFUGEE PROGRAM.
No doubt he believes he has “purchased” silence and support.
Indeed, an untold number of Idaho’s elected officials have gone to Turkey on 5 star junkets and returned avid supporters of the refugee program. Oddly, they seem to try and bury these “vacations” but we know Maxine Bell, Lee Heider, and the Boise mayor are among the travelers.
We believe that local Idahoans, even the wealthiest amongst us, will lose their natural leadership if they fail to halt the refugee program. If Chobani accesses a constant flow of TAX SUBSIDIZED refugees, businesses who don’t have subsidized labor forces will not be able to compete with his profits.
The Refugee Program has been HIJACKED by the greedy and dishonest.
We are willing to be in the front lines on this issue but we need your support.
To the best of our ability the above information is true. The news articles are the responsibility of the affiliated news associations.
Facts are facts. Who the heck is running the state of Idaho?
Julie, Twin Falls Chapter, Act for America

The Committee to End the CSI Refugee Program

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