Leadership, bribed or evil.

It is impossible for an American, with even a limited IQ, not to understand the gravity of welcoming Islam into our small conservative communities.
Without a doubt our leaders are complicit and accomplice to the hijra of Islam.

Just today we discover a nationwide rape campaign being backed by the openly Muslim rape apologist ROOSH V.

National shooting sprees and beheadings, by the hand of anyone Muslim, are the direct responsibility of a cavalier and godless leadership who have promoted and fertilized the growth of satanic Islam among the most conservative peoples in America.

It is enough that our government is overthrowing our Constitution, overtaking our land, stealing our self sufficiency, and permitting disease to flood our communities, but to continue to support the promotion of Islam, when Europe’s facts are slapping us in the face, is the highest of crimes, deserving of the death penalty according to American law.

Gang rape, rape unto death of the victim, rape of small children, rape of little boys, rape and murder of the elderly, destruction of property, theft, murderous actions against animals, and grotesquely morbid rapes (anal oral, and vaginal) leave broken dead bodies behind. This is Islam. There is no country in the world, where Islam has any power, that these crimes do not happen regularly.

I say with absolute conviction, if you, as an elected official, support more Muslims coming into your small community, you solidly prove that you have either criminally received a pay off for your vote, or that you personally are so evil that you desire to be granted power by Islam to rape, sodomize little boys, live polygamy with little girls, steal property, kill your enemies, slander those who disagree with you, and torture animals without the fear that anyone will ever judge you in your demonic wickedness.

You have absolutely no excuse; you have been given every opportunity to attend seminars, read articles and emails that were sent to you, or at the very least to turn on your own flippin television set and watch with your own eyes what people are doing globally in the name of Islam.

Elohim sees, He will repay each one accordingly.halal-camel

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