Two roads, two Americans

Two choices, two roads, two kinds of AMERICANS.
Are you nobility created in the image of God or a debased fallen slave of self.

Nobility requires self-sacrifice, honor, patriotism, oath keeping, and willingness to take grave risk for a righteous cause. You are empowered to do this by God, but only when you are willing.

The debased is emotional, given to pleasure, self indulgent, confused, disloyal, secretive, and security driven. This is who you are naturally, a demanding child.

You have been given a choice; you determine who you will be.
Children do not like Truth restrictions, they prefer to live in fantasy. Immature people live emotionally rather than logically. Childish people are given over to self indulgence, whether it’s food, sex partners, or drug use. Emotional people are confused because they believed their emotion, and then it changed. Following your heart leads you to be disloyal because your heart will cause you to be impulsive. This type of behavior will lead you to secretive choices because of shame. You will constantly desire security for yourself but have little or no concern for the security of those around you, because you are all you will ever care about.

Nobility is achieved when you deliberately overcome your debased immaturity by subjecting it to noble character. Noble people are consistently honorable. Honorable people die sacrificially for those who are never grateful. Patriotism adorns the noble and honorable person, patriotism is only achieved through nobility and honor. Patriots keep their oath, they understand the difference between right and wrong and are willing to take risks with their lives, wealth, and reputation to achieve what is right. Nobility is the life of all HEROES.

It is far preferable to die honorably fighting for truth and righteousness than to live self-centered, emotionally immature, and unwilling to care about any person or any cause outside of your immediate desireIMG_20151225_140920486.jpg

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