Return, remember

Our Fathers faced off against such violence and tyranny, they had a long and specific list of grievances against the crown of England. Our fathers signed their own lives and fortunes away in their Declaration of Independence from UNHOLY TYRANTS. Today we decide tomorrow’s government, who will your children serve?
Our Founders weighed right and wrong by ONE SINGLE BOOK-THE BIBLE. Today we decide tomorrow’s God, who will your children worship?
Our Founders judged the powers and determined that man’s authority must never subvert GOD’S Laws, that man’s rights are granted by the same; therefore irrevocable. Today we decide tomorrow’s justice, who will determine right from wrong?
If we have any hope, it is that we will return to OUR foundation, the Laws of nature and Nature’s God.
There will never be unity in pluralism, there will never be peace in self determined truth, there will never be ONE NATION UNDER GOD until we agree AGAIN, having religion or not, that our God will be the one our fathers recognized. Our God will be the one that GRANTED OUR RIGHTS AND LIBERTY, from Whom all our rights are weighed and derived.
The Mayflower Compact is such an agreement, the first document that bound Americans together under one set of rules, given by one God, irrespective of whether they held to any particular RELIGION.
The multitude of executive orders, additional laws, redefinition of law, and branches taking power for themselves need not be undone by thousands of votes, new bills, or repeals. When we return to the original LAW, and the specifics within that law, every other is discarded.
We will not succeed unless we have men and women of character who are willing to sacrifice themselves to this cause, for their progeny.
We will not succeed in this unless men and women of character are willing to administer various offices according to the prescribed and defined LAW.
We will not succeed unless we make sacrifices of our pleasure, indulgence, and opinions to become unified again under the laws of nature, and nature’s God.
We cannot be unified under multiple laws, multiple gods, or multiple moral codes. We have gone down the path, that seemed right, but its end is the death of our unborn, the death of terror victims, and the death of our NATION.
Zec 1:3
“Therefore say to them, ‘Thus says the LORD of hosts: “Return to Me,” says the LORD of hosts, “and I will return to you,” says the LORD of hosts.
ONE NATION, UNDER GOD, INDIVISIBLE or divided nations under gods and human demigods.
You and I determine tomorrow by what we are willing to do todaymms95picture_2

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