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TWIN FALLS, IDAHO, isnt safe anymore

It comes as no shock to anyone who lives in Twin Falls, Idaho, that it now ranks as #6 on the top 10 list of UNSAFE CITIES IN IDAHO.  We moved here in 98, I remember enjoying the security that one could leave a car or house unlocked without concern. I witnessed cars that were left running outside the grocery stores while the shoppers ran in, families safely gathered to enjoy parades, holidays, and festivities. Well that small town security has been eradicated by liberalism; the refugee program, foreign immigration for employment at newly built factories, masses of section 8 housing which Twin Falls Housing Authority offers to the dregs of the nation,  an influx of secondary migration, and ethnic groups from other states have changed the face AND CRIME RATE of Twin Falls.  I am shocked that ladies now are being robbed at Winco during daylight hours, new construction homes being emptied of appliances, college rape rates increased, stabbings, shootings, and still more.  Ethnic gang conflict at public schools, ethnic conflict in section 8 housing, domestic violence among ethnic groups, local women spit on by Muslim women for wearing crosses, local school kids being bullied by foreign kids, an explosion in transient homelessness, suicide rates are some of the highest in the nation, and incest goes mostly unreported and less often to trial.  We’ve earned our spot on the top 10, maybe we can eventually be #1.IMG_20150430_210724

Islam makes Satanism more righteous

Stop and THINK!
When is the last time you heard of devil-worshipping SATANISTS raping babies, cutting off heads, cutting off the female private parts of little girls, lighting people on fire, drowning in cages, anal rape on little boys, cutting throats and bleeding out women, stomping on and hacking the bodies of women, pitching sodomites head first off of buildings, or selling sex slaves? SATANISM IS more righteous than ISLAM.

Elected officials have NO BUSINESS supporting any group of people who hold to any book, belief, dogma, doctrine, or cult that even PASSIVELY tolerates such teaching or behavior