Monthly Archives: July 2015

Why would we bother?

To be clear and upfront;
I am not seeking election, I am not getting any money from anyone, I have nothing to gain personally.
I care about people, including my own countrymen.

Because of my Christian background I totally reject racism, humanity didn’t evolve from different monkey groups. Frankly I don’t care what color your skin is.
What does matter to me is your ideology; if you think it is acceptable to overthrow the Constitution of America (when you have come here to live as an immigrant or refugee) I’m going to have a problem with that. If your dogma teaches you to suppress or kill others for the sake of your god, I’m going to have a problem there too.
If you are elected to office and undermine our Biblical values, promote abortion or sexual perversion, or any lawlessness, I’m going to take issue with your policies.

Your bigger concern will be Judgment Day.
If you have been granted, by God, the power to do good and righteous deeds for His people but you opt to subvert those people, their morality, security, or Gods Laws, YOU ARE UNSUITABLE for office and you are on the rickety edge of the Wrath of the Holy Judge of your soul.